Our purpose is: To support the care of patients with chronic disease that cannot afford one or more aspects of their care management. To support patients with their treatments that cannot afford or do not have adequate coverage through their regular insurance. To support educational activities for diagnosis and management of chronic illness, including Lyme and other Tick-borne illnesses. To support research in areas of chronic illness. Digestive problems, Lyme and chronic tick-borne illnesses. To support public education in awareness of relationship of chronic illness and environmental toxic exposure, chronic stealth infections and more. To support public education in role of lifestyle, proper nutrition and stress management in overall care of chronic illness. Patients Helping Patients, Inc. provides financial contributions to Lyme disease patients in need. The organization will receive referrals from health organizations of low income patients and will review their basic information. The amount of donations the organization distributes will vary and is dependent upon their need and resources available. The organization will pay for the bills directly to ensure the donation was used for its intended purpose. All donations will be approved by board members of the organization. Patients Helping Patients, Inc. Will market its program through websites and word of mouth. Since forming in 2016 Patients Helping Patients, Inc. has not been operational or received any funding.