Patients Helping Patients, Inc. (PHP) is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar.

Through years of practice, Dr. Rahbar has come across many patients who cannot afford specialized testing for proper diagnosis and management of their illnesses. In addition, Dr. Rahbar and other clinicians have noted a lack of acceptance of complex conditions such as “chronic Lyme disease”. This scenario leads many patients to feel lost in the system.

Despite Dr. Rahbar’s efforts to provide efficient care, he has found that additional funding is needed to support research, clinical care and education. PHP was created to provide such funding through the vision that we are all connected and deserve optimal health, yet sometimes we need a helping hand.


  • To Support the care of patients with chronic disease who cannot afford one or more aspects of their care management.
  • To Support patients who cannot afford specialized testing for diagnosis of chronic condition such as Lyme/Tick-borne Diseases (TBD).
  • To Support public education in chronic illness, environmental toxins, stealth infections such as Lyme/TBD and more.
  • To Support public education in the role of lifestyle, nutrition and stress management in the overall care of chronic illness.
  • To Support research in the areas chronic illness, digestive problems and Lyme/TBD.


PHP is determined to efficiently support patients through Research, Diagnosis, and Education. Research support will focus on scientific presentations and publications. Diagnosis support will focus on helping patients in needs of specialized evaluation tests. Education will focus on in increasing awareness of complex medical conditions such as Lyme and Tick-Borne diseases.


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